Thursday 17 March 2023
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Actuellement pour le mois de Mars les Grottes sont ouvertes tous les jours, de 10h30 à 12h00 et de 14h00 à 17h30. A 17h30, départ de la dernière visite.

An extraordinary Discovery!

An extraordinary Discovery! There are sometimes strange phenomena in life: it's by the happy blow of pickaxe that in June 1890, Léon DOZOL discovered this cave by wanting to plant a vines stocks!

The agricultural regional tradition consisted in sowing wheat between stony low walls on the base of which vine stocks grew. These small buildings were built to avoid the significant erosion caused by the rain.
Léon DOZOL desperately tried to plant vineyards against low walls, while energetically handling his pickaxe to isolate cumbersome blocks, when he suddenly discovered a bottomless hole. He decided to use it as a natural dump in which to throw all the pebbles and other debris that covered his fields.

He continued to do this for three years, until the day when he had the idea to investigate " the pit ". With ropes shovels and candles, men sank into the opening of the well. At first, they had to get rid off all the debris that had accumulated over three years. They were totally amazed when they finally discovered an unknown world...

The Cave DOZOL " was born!

Helped by friends and volunteers, the family, relentlessly worked for years to design a circuit of visits and share the wonders the cave has to offer with the cave lovers.



To highlight the value the site and put it within the reach of the public, more important developments were decided at the ned of the second world war. The first guided tours, lit up with candle and then by oil lamp, took place from November to the end of February. The first tourists were for the greater part aristocrats who came to spend the winter on the French Riviera.

A house was built at the exit of cave (the one which welcomes us even today), and the electricity was brought in 1925. The electric lighting which was installed in 1926 in the caves emphasized draperies and other beautiful compositions, still unknown.

Hosting guests to the best of their abilities was always the Dozol family’s priority. The most recent renovations of this site prove the constant desire to remain faithful to the will of the inventors of this Cave.


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